About BlueBoy Organic Dog Treats

The Story Behind BlueBoy

Blueboy Organic Dog Treats are 100% organic. They are made from real ingredients and have absolutely no chemicals, additives, or fillers. We use only human food-chain sourced ingredients. We source our ingredients locally as much as possible from local farmers. We buy from ethical farms where animals are treated with kindness and respect, as well as being pasture-raised. There are no antibiotics, hormones and they are non-GMO.

Our treats are handmade in small batches, rolled, baked and dehydrated to ensure their freshness. The flavor on the bag is exactly what you are getting. We take pride in saying our treats are real food that is packed with vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats that promote good health.

All of our dog treats are gluten and grain-free and we use only natural preservatives and dehydration for the longevity of treats. All treats are compatible with raw diets!

We are a Canadian company. We support our farmers, our community, and small businesses.

Blue, the inspiration, oversees all production and taste testing and ensures every batch is as fresh as can be!

Who Made it Happen

Blueboy Organic Dog Treats is inspired by my black and tan coonhound rescue, Blue.

From the beginning, Blue has been fed a healthy diet of cooked and raw…then came treats! I bought treats that I thought were good for him, yet there were things either lacking or added that I didn’t want him to have. I wanted to give him treats that were as nutritious as the food he was eating.

So the research began. At the time Blue had made some new dog friends who became “The Pack” and the perfect audience and group of taste testers.

As an avid baker and someone who lives a healthy lifestyle, I embarked on combining the best organic ingredients that I thought would benefit Blue. After many trials and lots of taste testing from the whole pack… voila, we had our treats.

I thought I was the one that rescued Blue, but it turns out he rescued me. He helped me change professions and find my real passion. When I am asked “how did it all happen?”, I always come back to not HOW but WHO made it happen. My Blueboy.

So Blueboy Organics is all about Blue, this crazy, full of life, hound. Each flavor is inspired by him or one of his pack friends.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the best 100% organic dog treats to fuel every dog with nourishment, along with making natural products to protect dogs on the outside as well. We as well advocate for rescues, donate and use our platform to inspire others.

About Wendy

My love for dogs – actually all animals – has been my greatest joy. I started making dog treats because I wanted to make something that supported Blue’s health, wasn’t filled with chemicals, and that I knew even we could eat. When I began I didn’t have any idea that doing something I love would turn into a business. The best part is having the opportunity to meet so many great dogs and owners.

We support local rescues and donate as much as possible Each flavor is inspired by Blue, one of his pack friends or dogs we have met along our path. They are a labor of love that dogs love.

My love for Blue, organic food, the environment, and doing the best I can for my dog, has become Blueboy Organic Dog treats.


We dedicate our website to Loni and Maxxy…Part of Blue’s Pack and loved by everyone they came across.

“Nothing Loved is Ever Lost”