Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Organic?

Dogs are no different then us and are bombarded with toxins of all kinds from environmental, to vaccinations, to the food they ingest.
Using only organic ingredients and ethically raised meat that is free of antibiotics and hormones in our dog treats gives them a chance to enjoy delicious real food treats while reaping the benefits of all kinds of vitamins and minerals.  Eating organic food and treats means less stress on the dog’s organs, immune system and it improves the health and quality of their lives with less likelihood of developing cancer.

How can they be gluten free if they have buckwheat flour in them?

Buckwheat flour is actually a fruit seed. Buckwheat is extremely high in B Vitamins and eases digestion in humans and dogs. It is particularly good for senior pets as their digestion tends to not be as efficient.
We use only enough to bind the other ingredients that are the main source for the treats.

Are the treats compatible with raw diets?

Yes, all of our treats are compatible with raw diets.  We only use buckwheat flour which again comes from a fruit seed and is not flour. The treats can be enjoyed by those on a raw diet as well and provides more vitamin and minerals than just a single protein treat.
Blue is on a raw diet and the treats were designed to be compatible for that reason.

Is the Nosey Nose salve cream safe for dogs?

Our Nosey Nose salve is so delicious that dogs will want to eat it and we made it so they can. It is made from organic ingredients that are not only healing and nourishing to the skin but can be ingested without harm and are in fact, quite nutrient chalked.

Are the treats human grade?

We use only human grade ingredients. Whatever flavour is chosen you can  be well assured they are from the human chain.
Our treats were inspired by and for dogs to thrive.

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