How we started with natural organic dog treats

natural organic dog treats

Blueboy Organic Dog Treats is inspired by Blue, my Black and Tan Coonhound rescue.

I started making treats for Blue because I wanted him to have treats that were natural, healthy, and that were compatible with his raw diet. I couldn’t find anything that I felt comfortable giving Blue, so that is where the fire was sparked and it evolved into an organic dog treat business.


The truth

is dogs are no different than us and their health is affected by what they eat just as much. We know without a doubt that our organic treats are more than just a natural treat. We use only organic, real-food ingredients and we combine them to make natural treats that are 100% organic, human grade, with no chemicals, stabilizers, fillers, and they are chalked full of nutrition.

We are transparent and source our organic, grass-fed, ethically raised meat from local farms. We also buy from small local businesses and support Canada, first and foremost.


Our mission

is to make 100% organic dog treats that nourish and fuel dogs while donating and inspiring others as well.

Blueboy Organic Dog Treats are off to an awesome start and we are gaining momentum with our organic treats. The biggest compliment is when our customers leave reviews that their dogs just love our organic treats.

Starting an organic dog treat business has it challenges but it has so many rewards. I jokingly at times refer to it as an Organic Revolution for dogs!!


There is no real mystery.

We are just making an organic natural treat that is not only nutritious but tastes great while spreading the word that organic is the way to go for your dogs.

Thank you for reading, let me know what you think in comments below

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3 thoughts on “How we started with natural organic dog treats

  1. Janet Emberg says:

    This is a great and very sincere company. The treats are delicious – my dog loves them – and Blueboy does give so much back to the community. This is the true definition of win-win for all!

  2. deejaktee says:

    This is my first time ordering organic product from BlueboyOrganic. There customer service is amazing and very knowledgeable of their products. I bought Heal for my dogs hot spots like itching cuts dried paws ? this stuff rocks I recommend Heal to everyone and Sparky loves it too ??????? thank you ?

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