Aloha Blue Bath & Bubbles



“Inspired by Hippo”

The Sweetest little Bully Rescue

With a Hippo attitude.

Aloha Blue Bath & Bubbles is a 100 percent organic shampoo that everyone will love.

Designed to clean the dirtiest dog who’s earned a bath to those doggos who just want an occasional quickie bath, to the cleopatra who loves to bathe often.

Our shampoo is hypoallergenic, free of any toxic or synthetic ingredients and is rich in saponified oils that soothe itchy and dry skin  as well as normal skin.

 With a hint of lemongrass infused fleas and pests will go elsewhere.

Aloha Blue Bath & Bubbles is a spa in a bottle that nourishes your dog’s skin and coat  while leaving it as soft as velvet.

A portion of every bottle sold will be donated to Benevolent Bully Rescue who rescued Hippo and found her best forever home.

Directions: Give the bottle a good shake to blend ingredients.

Wet your doggo down from head to tail with some warm water.

Pour a small amount on your palm and now the fun begins

This is organic and it is a thinner consistency so add more water to increase the suds, not shampoo and start massaging into the skin and coat

Be careful around the eyes and ears and you can use a washcloth for this area.

Rinse your doggo thoroughly until the water runs clear and give yourself a gold star for the bath time shenanigans! Store out of direct light and in a cool dry place.

Ingredients: Saponified oil of Coconut, Castile, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Sea Buckthorn oil, Organic Argan oil, Organic Moringa oil, Organic Baobab oil, Organic Essential Oil of Lemongrass. Absolutely nothing synthetic.