Shade - Dogs Sunscreen

Shade is our organic sunscreen to keep your dog protected from the sun. Safe for humans too!


Inspired by Camo, @thebullytroika
Shade is our organic sunscreen that is made from only the best ingredients.
We have included organic beeswax to make it water-resistant.
There are no chemicals or additives other than our zinc oxide which is non-nano and uncoated. It is also enriched with rose geranium oil to aid in repelling ticks.
Shade is human-friendly.

5 reviews for Shade – Dogs Sunscreen

  1. Kristina

    We had been on the search for an organic sunscreen for our trio for awhile. So happy when Blueboy released the shade cream. We use this everytime our trio goes out in the sun. They have never been sunburned at all because of this amazing Shade cream. Not greasy or smelly either . Safe for the dogs to even lick. Thank you Wendy for making this amazing SAFE sunscreen for pets.

  2. emily

    I am loving this!
    I can already seeing the redness on some of the girls skin already going down!
    Now that they are properly protected!
    Totally worth it!

  3. Meaghan W

    I am thrilled to add this to my collection of Blueboy Organics products. Anyone who has seen my dog notices his big, perky ears right away. It is so nice to be able to reach for a product that provides protection without being harsh or unsafe.

  4. Morgan

    A must have for the summer months with your dog! We use it mostly on the dogs snout to keep it white instead of pink haha! Love that humans can use it too.

  5. Alex Schneider

    Yep again another amazing product. My dog is super pink, and she gets burnt so easily out in the sun. Thankfully with this sunscreen I don’t have to worry!

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